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PIC’s vision – a global population size enabling decent living standards for all and environmental sustainability at home & abroad. The central issue is numbers, but also differential resource use and associated environmental impact due to ever-increasing over-consumption.

PIC recommends – unhindered access to non-coercive, low cost family planning.  This should be universally, readily available to all ages. PIC urges individuals to consider the impact of population on the environment and resources when deciding family size. Family planning should be part of an holistic approach aimed at improving education and equal rights, particularly for women and girls, especially in the less-developed world.

In Canada:

PIC recommends – Canada’s high-consuming population be stabilized to sustainable levels determined by in situ carrying capacity, that its population should be balanced between birth & death rates, immigration & emigration, and that couples be encouraged to have small families.

Action (you can take)

Write to your MP (no stamp required)

Ask your MP to support reduced immigration to levels equal to emigration and which reflect Canada’s realistic carrying capacity with due regard to climate and bio-diversity/environmental impact.

Press the need for more rigorous, environmentally sustainable development policies;

Express dissatisfaction with the Canada’s failure to adopt a sustainable population policy or to endorse unconditional, universal access to the full range of reproductive health services;

Urge adoption by Canada of a policy to make non-coercive family planning a significant, integral part of all Canadian aid programs.

Find Your MP

Write to or email the Prime Minister (no stamp required):

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

Office of the Prime Minister

80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON, K1A OA2

Fax: 613 941-6900

Write or email specific Minister, (no stamp required) e.g.

The Honourable Christian Paradis

Minister of International Development and for La Francophonie

Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development:

Confederation Building, Room 507,  Ottawa, ON, K1A OA6

Telephone: 613 995 1377

E-mail: christian.paradis.a1@parl.gc.ca

Write to the Media

Letters to newspaper editors/columnists on population have an impact, including on government policies. Make the link between population numbers and environmental degradation, effective in an era of increasing ecological and biodiversity sensibilities.

Highlight effects of ever more people on poverty, hunger, the environment, gender equity. Note the endless cycles of Third World famine, human suffering and strife due to the increase in human numbers and stress the correlation between family size, poverty and the condition of women and girls. Available and affordable family planning is essential to break these cycles.

Relentless urbanization and associated suburban sprawl consume valuable arable land and forests world-wide and lead to extreme traffic congestion. Environmental degradation goes hand in hand with increased numbers of people.

Globe and Mail

Mr. David Wilmsley

Editor-in chief

Email Letters to the Editor (Letters should be exclusive to the G&M, must include name, address and daytime phone number and be 150 words or fewer): letters@globeandmail.com

National Post

Ms. Anne Marie Owens


Email Letters to the Editor (see above for rules): letters@nationalpost.com


Mr. Hubert Lacroix


To email go to CBC website

Audience Relations, CBC

P.O. Box 500 Station A

Toronto, ON

Canada, M5W 1E6


Ms. Wendy Freeman


CTV Television Network,

P.O.Box 9, Sta “O”, Scarborough,

ON  M4A 2M9


Don’t overlook websites, blogs, Tweeter, Facebook, local newspapers and TV stations.

All are useful targets for population related advocacy.

Engage your church, synagogue, mosque or temple.

All are interested in the temporal concerns of their followers.

Remember, population growth and the environment are inextricably linked.

Sign petitions, join demonstrations about climate change, destruction of wildlife habitats or other ecological/biodiversity related issues. Campaign against “green field” development.  Support public over private transit.

Environmentalists need reminding that unrelenting population growth leads to climate change and the destruction of the natural world on which we and all other life depends.

Support Family Planning Charities

Reproductive health organizations that meet the public’s contraceptive needs deserve support.

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

251 rue Bank Street, 2nd Floor, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1X3

Email: info@sexualhealthand rights.ca

Talk-up population issues and their environmental impact

PIC is pleased to help with material and may also provide speakers on request.

Recruit Members, Raise Funds

More members, more resources, enable PIC to extend and intensify our work.

Get Involved